Opti Enzym Komplex® Kapseln
Opti Enzym Komplex® Kapseln

Opti Enzyme Complex® Capsules

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Opti Enzyme Complex® from Euro Nutrador: Revolutionary enzyme therapy for inflammation and for health and well-being Discover the transformative power of proteolytic enzymes Opti Enzyme Complex® is an innovative and patented formula of proteolytic enzymes developed by Euro Nutrador B.V. These specialized enzymes play a central role in numerous physical processes and are essential for the optimal function of every organ. The body's chemical actions and reactions are controlled by enzymes. They accelerate life processes and help to initiate and maintain metabolic processes. Enzymes also play an important role in digestion. Without them, neither vitamins, minerals nor any other micronutrients could be properly processed by the body. What are enzymes? Enzymes are proteins and therefore consist of amino acid chains, most of which come from our food. The body absorbs the enzymes and amino acids and converts them into over 3,000 different types of enzymes - depending on which ones it needs most. What are proteolytic enzymes and why are they important? Proteolytic enzymes, also known as protein-cleaving enzymes, accelerate the breakdown of proteins and thus support important body functions. They are crucial for: Reducing inflammation and pain: Relieve discomfort from inflammation and promote healing. Supporting the immune system: Strengthens the body's own defenses. Acceleration of regeneration: Helps the recovery of muscles and connective tissue after injuries or intensive sports. The benefits of the Opti Enzyme Complex® Improvement of digestion: Promotes digestion and nutrient absorption, especially with protein-rich foods. Optimal care: Ideal for people with gastrointestinal problems or who follow a ketogenic diet. Versatile Application: Useful for athletes, people with joint problems and anyone who wants to improve their overall health. Opti Enzyme Complex® for athletes: Proteolytic enzymes also have anti-inflammatory properties and can help damaged cells to be broken down and replaced more quickly. They are often taken by athletes and people with joint problems because they can promote the regeneration of muscles and connective tissue. Ingredients and quality of the Opti Enzyme Complex® High-quality enzymes: alpha-amylase, pancreatin, rutin, bromelain, trypsin, lactase, lipase, cellulase, protease, papain and chymotrypsin. Natural fillers: cellulose powder. Vegan capsule shell: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. More precisely: alpha-amylase 60 mg (EC 5,400 +/- 300 U/g), pancreatin 50 mg, rutin 50 mg, bromelain 30 mg (5.0 FIP-U/mg), trypsin 20 mg, lactase 20 mg (EC min. 85,000 ALU/g according to FCC IV), lipase 20 mg (EC min. 120,000 U/g, 40 FIP-U/mg), cellulase 15 mg (EC 100,000 U/g), protease 15 mg (EC min. 20,000 U /g, 2,700 FIP-E/g), Papain 10 mg (30,000 USP U/mg), Chymotrypsin 1 mg in controlled and highest quality All ingredients are manufactured to the highest quality and carefully processed. Application and safety of the Opti Enzyme Complex® Recommended intake: 3 x 3 capsules per day with a meal. Safety and tolerability: Opti Enzyme Complex® from Euro Nutrador is well tolerated and safe for daily use. Discover the Opti Enzyme Complex® from Euro Nutrador B.V. as a crucial step towards improving your health. Whether to support inflammation, promote digestion or simply promote general health - the Opti Enzyme Complex® offers a natural and effective solution. Please note: Opti Enzyme Complex® is a dietary supplement and not a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Store in a cool, dry place and out of the reach of children.

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