Mikrobiom und Darmgesundheit

Microbiome and Gut Health

Dietary supplements to support your microbiome and gut health

Microbiome and gut health play a crucial role in our overall well-being and health. The microbiome includes all the bacteria, viruses and fungi that live in our gut, which we call "good" bacteria. They help us digest food, regulate our immune system, and protect us from harmful bacteria.

Disordered gut flora can lead to various health problems, such as digestive problems, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. However, other conditions such as allergies, autoimmune diseases and even depression can also be linked to disturbed gut flora.

A balanced diet and the intake of specific dietary supplements can help support the microbiome and improve intestinal health. Probiotic bacteria, prebiotics, and dietary fiber are particularly important in this regard.

Signaling pathways such as NRF2 and sirtuins also play an important role in gut health. NRF2 is a protein that protects cells from oxidative stress, which can reduce inflammation and damage to intestinal tissue. Sirtuins are enzymes that play an important role in DNA damage repair and cellular aging.

Heavy metals can also affect gut health and should be avoided. Regular detoxification can help flush heavy metals out of the body and thus support gut health.

In this section, you will find dietary supplements specifically designed to support the microbiome and gut health.

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