S-Gluthation - Nahrungsergänzungsmittel für Detox und Entgiftung



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Today, we are exposed to many more environmental toxins and heavy metal pollution than our ancestors who lived before the industrial age. Toxins make it difficult for the immune system to fight infections and chronic diseases. Certain substances, on the other hand, help to eliminate toxins and detoxify the body.

The detox and detoxification category offers a selection of dietary supplements that can help remove pollutants and toxins from the body and support detoxification processes. In addition to classic detoxification ingredients such as citrus pectin for the elimination of pollutants or S-gluthation to maintain liver health, we also offer special products that target the activation of the NRF2 and sirtuine signaling pathways to better protect the body against oxidative stress. Healthy intestinal flora also plays an important role in detoxification. Therefore, we also offer dietary supplements that can support the microbiome to facilitate the elimination of toxins. Cell senescence is another factor that should be considered in detoxification. This has come to the forefront of anti-aging in recent years. Therefore, we also offer products that can help minimize age-related damage to cells.

Our dietary supplements are of the highest quality and developed based on the latest scientific findings. They can help support the body in detoxification and regeneration, contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

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